How I roll

What to expect


Once you have booked with me then the fun starts! I first like to ask if you have a location in mind. no? I have a selection of favorite spots and id be glad to asist. I will also ask if your outfits have been picked out. We all know that mom that always has her family looking cute, well I personally am NOT that mom. With the help of Style and select we are able to get your family looking fly! but if you decide to do it yourself, remember, aLWAys coordinate not matchy matchy. The goal is to look great together, not just look like each other.


So once we know where were going, and everyone is looking amazing the real real fun starts. ill start by telling you how i like to shoot.I tend to live more for the authentic moments, we will still do posed sets but most of the time i want to capture the real you! I know sometimes it gets awkward when someone says, “Just act normal” but don’t worry I will be directing you along the way. I promise as long as you’re willing to have fun, you will have fun.


So you survived! you killed it, you had so much fun! now what? well depending on what season we are in and how busy i am, Ill then give you a 1-2 week turnaround. so once that email lands in your inbox and you are so excited, you will receive a private online gallery of 30-80 images of all the love and laughter that i promised you. if you purchased one of the full sessions you go ahead and download your gallery and get to sharing! but if you purchased the mini you will now choose the 10 images that you love the most! I will then send you a link to download your images. all sessions come with a print release so you can print as you choose or simply go ahead and order prints and other specialty products through your gallery link!


so there you have it, thats what its like to have me as your favorite photographer! I always love it when clients tag me or even when they send me a christmas card with their photos on them!

So if you’re creeping through my website trying to see if im a weirdo before you book me, just know that i am a weirdo but you will still have fun!

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