Manny & Amarisa // Married // Odessa, TX

OK so these two were awesome! Their whole wedding was awesome! Not because of the materialistic things being beautiful but because of the people! I have never witnessed a wedding where God was so present! Amarisa's girls were so involved from putting on her dress, her jewelry and even praying for their marriage. Same went for the guys, I laughed as they all stood around trying to figure out how they wanted to fold their pocket squares.

They were married at New Life Chapel here in Odessa in front of a full congregation that was made up of family and close friends. The pastor told the story on how this union came to be, there were many laughs and many tears. 

Now in all my years of photographing weddings, I have never cried! Ive been close but never actually cried. That changed at their reception. Amarisa was not only walked down the isle by her son but also danced with him, as soon as he started crying I was done for! I thought that was it until Manny danced with both of Amarisa's girls the tears just kept pouring out. After that the party was none stop! 

Thank you Manny and Amarisa for choosing me to capture this very special day in falls life!


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