Anthony & Cassandra // Engaged // Marathon, TX

I always get so excited when brides contact me and tell me that they have chosen me! it sone thing when a client contacts you just shopping but when one tells you you're the choice and thats that! I love it!

So when I met with these two We spoke about what they envisioned in their engagement photos they were pretty much open to anything. SO I decided to show them some of the locations I had shot at before. Little did I know is that Anthony is actually from Marathon and I was ecstatic to head back there with them! 

We started off by taking a little drive to this hidden fishing hole where I saw some crazy big birds that could have ate us! We stopped on the side of the rode where a deer ran across the street and decided to start shooting there. It always so important to me for couples to feel comfortable as if I'm not there. We then headed to the Gage Gardens, which are soooooo beautiful! its like endless beauty!

We only had limited amount of light left by the time we got to Eves Garden, which is a beautiful bed and breakfast with so much colorfulness. The sky was beautiful by that time and I was able to capture one of the best images I have ever taken in my opinion. I can't wait for their wedding next year, and I look forward to photographing their family as the years progress!

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