Brandon & Nathalie // Married // Odessa, TX

SO this past weekend I got to spend my Saturday with this awesome family! From the time Nathalie was reading to their daughter and Brandon tied their sons tie. There ceremony was a beautiful Catholic wedding at St. Mary's Catholic Church in central Odessa,  with all of their family around them.

Following the ceremony I got to spend a little one on one time with the both of them and a few of their closest friends! One of the reasons I loved this couple is because they are into some a few of the things I'm into. Comic Books for one, I mean their street sign on the sidewalk has a Batman symbol next to it!

The party was at Odessa's Ever After Venue, there they danced to Arctic Monkeys, Baby Im Yours. Which by the way I felt totally judged because Nathalie thought I would'nt know who the band. The family danced the night away surrounded by everyone they love!

Ever After Ballroom

HMUA: Melissa Santillan

Ceremony: St. Mary's Catholic Church

Second Shooter: Lovely Photography

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