The Birdens // Family // Monahans, TX

So do you ever follow families online who are #GOALS! Well, I follow Bianca on Instagram and always love seeing her photos! They are probably one of the most fashionable families I've ever seen! So of course I would always wish I could photograph them. When Bianca asked me to photograph her family I couldn't have said yes fast enough.

A week before this day I actually got to photograph the kids in my Pumpkin Minis and they had so much fun, so obviously I was extatic about photographing them as a whole. Fast forward to this day, we drive out to the Monahans Sand Hills and learn that cold sand and sleepy babies do not mix well at all! So we did what we as parents do, we went with it! 

On top of an angry baby, it was also a busy day at the Sandhills so we were working with limited space to try and stay out of other photographer's ways. While dad calmed little Ro down, mom and Jackson ran around in the sand. Eventually Ro ended up in a hoody and still managed to look adorable in it! We ended the session with photos of the love Birds (ah! see what I did there? lol.) and they were perfect!

Driving home I was actually nervous thinking to myself if maybe I should offer a reshoot on a day when baby was happier. I loaded them into Lightroom anyways and to my surprise ended up with over 100 images flagged. Sometimes imperfect situations result in perfectly real family photos. 


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