I am many things, but a writer I am not.

I am a wife. A wife to the most caring, hardworking, most encouraging husband in the world. Almost 12 years of JC & Seila!

I am a mother. A mother to a boy who pushes my buttons every second of ever day, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. A sweet “Te Quiero Mucho” and I'm done.

I am a fur mom as well! We have two crazy pups named Winston & Daisy. They bark all through the day but they give the best loves!

We love to travel, my favorite places consist of NYC, Colorado, and Hawaii. Im a Texas girl but I would almost leave for those three places.

But, the real dream is to one day live on a farm with my boys and our dogs along with many many more animals!


When I graduated high school I was given my first DSLR as a gift from my boyfriend(now husband) and his grandmother.

I was mostly self taught but I also studied photography at Odessa College under Steve Goff and Beckwith Thompson. I continue to learn and be inspired by so many great photographers.

So WHY should you choose me as your photographer, I strive to be different, I want to give you the real stuff.

I want to show you how beautiful you look when you laugh at your spouse’s silly joke. I want to show you that look you give your little when you admire what you’ve created.

Don’t get me wrong I’lll still get those shots for grandma, but best believe I’ll make grandma laugh too!

So let’s do this thing!

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