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So I am not much of a writer so I hope most of this makes sense! Hi I am Seila, I am the owner and photographer of Seila Stone Photography! I specialize in family photography; weddings, graduations, your new baby, you name it! When I think about why I love photography I think about every time I take a photo of my husband and son and how it makes me feel. I feel complete joy seeing them in the moment and I treasure it so much. That feeling is what I want to share with everyone else. I LOVE seeing and hearing my clients reactions when they see their images, or every time it’s a special day such as Mother’s Day and they set my art of them and their mothers as their default image on Facebook. The fact that I can be part of that moment when you sit there and look at an image that brings back memories is why I love my job!


A little about me, I am 27 years old and I am married to the LOML (love of my life). We are in fact high school sweethearts, he is my truest bestfriend and I am eternally grateful for him. Together, we created this little Human who we call Hudson, #HudsonAlexanderTheGreat (for those of you who follow me on instagram) We LOVE to travel so if you’re hiring me for a destination wedding, bless you. My favorite place in the world is of course New York City; Hudson is named after the river. I live for The New York Giants, so yes being from Texas I live with a Cowboys fan. Football season is always fun! We are pretty laid back folks but from time to time we get ourselves into crazy adventures!


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